Why Do I Blog?

At the start of the week Whopper Investments and Jeff at Ragnar Is a Pirate wrote posts on why they blog.  They argue that it makes you a better investor, a better writer, and helps you retain information a bit better.  Whopper even finds it the best way to quickly improve your investing skills, because it:

  1. forces you to articulate your ideas
  2. will make you dig deeper
  3. makes your thoughts public and scrutable
  4. spurs an exchange of ideas
  5. reminds you why you invested, so you don’t lose your head in a panic
  6. makes your choices more comparable to one another

Coincidentally, I find the two points in the middle contain the crux of the matter.  The rest can be accomplished by keeping a private investing log, using a checklist, or any conscious effort to develop and verbalize your ideas.  But having a public outlet for discussing ideas is something uniquely facilitated by the internet.  Having your own public corner makes for an irreplaceable sounding board for your ideas.  That’s a great benefit.

I, however, don’t blog.  At least, I didn’t until today.  I post articles and comments here and there.  But only rarely.  I have been considering starting my own blog for quite a while.
Part of the problem was something many of you have probably encountered.  When I have an idea, I don’t have the time to write it down.  When I have the time to write, I don’t seem to have any good ideas to write about.

Additionally, I am an introvert.  Most of what happens in my head stays there.  Also, I am a predominantly visual thinker.  I think in pictures.  For these two reasons I find writing limiting.  Verbalizing those pictures strips away their richness.  A lot of details get left out when I reduce them to words.  I do believe a picture is worth a thousand words.

Because of this, I tend to just scratch notes in Evernote.  (A wonderful program, by the way.  Everyone making tons of notes should try it out.)  These notes would be pretty useless to anybody else but me.  For me, however, they are like highlights on the picture I have in my mind and as such they make perfect sense to me.

Now, thanks to the encouraging posts of Whopper and Ragnar, the alignment of the stars seems right for me to start developing some of those highlights into full-blown posts.  So, thank you guys.  I think I’ll give it a go.