Blind Valuation of a Curious Little Company

Some time ago, I came across an interesting, little company that, I thought, could make a good valuation exercise.  I won’t reveal more than what I have posted at GuruFocus for now, so that everyone can give it a go….

Deliberate Practice #2: Coca-Cola (KO) in 1988

Deliberate Practice #2: Coca-Cola (KO) in 1988

These are my thoughts on Whopper’s Deliberate Practice #2, where we look at Coca-Cola in 1988 – the time when Buffett made his big purchase of over $1 billion. What I found most striking was that all of what Buffett…

Blind Stock Valuation as Deliberate Practice in Investing

With this post at GuruFocus, I am joining the blind valuation movement, hoping to help make it a more common form of deliberate practice for investors. What Geoff Gannon started 1.5 years ago on his blog and what was last…