Host Your Blog at Amazon Web Services

This is a bit off-topic, but I recently moved my blog to Amazon’s cloud.  The post will be one part about web hosting and one part why Amazon (AMZN) keeps amazing me.

Before, this site was hosted on my home server.  However, there were issues with downtime and site load times.

Now, I’ve moved it to a dedicated EC2 instance in the Amazon cloud.  Basically, I am renting a virtual computer from Amazon that hosts my site.

The cost of running an EC2 instance comes at under $10 per month for a 3-year reserved micro instance.  That’s damn cheap taking into account that you can run multiple sites (or other services) on your virtual computer.

For those of you who might be interested in the technical aspect, here are two guides on how to host your own WordPress blog on Amazon EC2:

Once again, Amazon is offering an awesome service at what used to be considered impossible prices.  It did the same for ebooks and shipping.

I live in Bulgaria and Amazon is my go-to place for books (mostly via the Kindle now, but paperbacks as well), personal care items, small electronics, and now web hosting.  Ever since I started shopping at Amazon, the share of my disposable income that goes to the company has been increasing.

The way I see it, Amazon is the global Walmart, but better.  The company is obsessed with delivering the best deals to its customers without the traditional trade-off between price and choice.

Here are three excellent posts that have helped me better understand Amazon:

I can’t put a value on this company but I am utterly fascinated by it.