Blind Valuation of a Curious Little Company

Some time ago, I came across an interesting, little company that, I thought, could make a good valuation exercise.  I won’t reveal more than what I have posted at GuruFocus for now, so that everyone can give it a go.

This is my second blind valuation exercise.  The first was a comparison between two companies, and was proposed here and revealed here.  Both cases are quite easy, but I find them interesting and educational nonetheless.

And don’t forget that this weekend we are looking at McDonald’s circa 2005, when Bill Ackman was buying it, at Whopper Investments.

8/1/2012 update: I have revealed the little hidden champion at GuruFocus.  It was one of the last small caps to be purchased by Berkshire Hathaway.  Actually, Warren Buffett wasn’t interested at first because of its small size.  Eventually, he paid $140 million for the equity.