15 Value Investing Blogs Worth Your While

It has been almost three months since my last post and the two readers that I had have likely given me up for dead (for the value investing community anyway).  Bloggers tend to do this – wander off.  It has been the fate of many awesome blogs.

I don’t know what the average lifetime of a personal value investing blog is, but it’s still not the time of this one.  Now that I am done relocating, I intend to go back to posting once every one or two weeks, although there certainly aren’t as many compelling opportunities out there as there used to be in the past five years.

Since this post is about the fate of value investing blogs, I will share the best of the ones I follow.

  1. Geoff Gannon (now Gannon and Hoang on Investing) – Although he has been rather silent lately, his was the first value investing blog I was deeply impressed with.  I am sure Geoff’s words of wisdom have touched countless budding value investors.  The invaluable insight offered made reading his lengthy articles a breeze.  I even went as far as taking the Wayback Machine to read his posts going all the way back to December 28, 2005.  From what I’ve read, he has been averaging 23% annually in the past 4 years vs 14.6% for the S&P 500.  The fact that the guy is a high school dropout makes all of the above twice as impressive.
  2. Oddball Stocks – As a true Grahamite, Nate is constantly running his Geiger counter over the rubble and comes up with the most obscure stocks you’ve never heard of.  If you want to learn more about the gems (and coals) he is digging up, be sure to subscribe to his database at UnlistedStocks.net.
  3. OTC Adventures – As the name suggests, another treasure trove of obscure, unloved companies that still happen to be public.  Dave’s neat summaries are often a starting point of my research into a company.
  4. Whopper Investments – Yet another deep value guy.  Until recently Andrew was picking out the whoppers among micro caps, but lately he has been dabbling in arbitrage.  I guess he finds the bargain bin empty.  If you follow Whopper, you won’t be bored.  He posts at least 2-3 times a week on his blog and also contributes to Seeking Alpha.  He and Jeff got me excited enough about blogging to actually start.
  5. Ragnar Is a Pirate – Talking of Jeff, another fan of obscure stocks and a very DIY guy who’s not afraid to get dirty in every sense of the word.
  6. Value Uncovered – Adam, too, seems to have fallen victim to the current dearth of great ideas.  Yet, whenever he posts, he makes it worth your while.
  7. Fat Pitch Financials – George has also started posting infrequently in the past year or so.  But he still runs his famous Workouts portfolio on Covestor.
  8. Greenbackd – Tobias co-authored a very well-received book (I am behind on my reading), titled Quantitative Value.  He keeps posting on this topic on his blog.
  9. The Brooklyn Investor – This relatively new investing blog (started Sep’11) quickly proved its worth and became one of my favorites.  The author knows a lot about financial companies and generously shares his insight.
  10. Barel Karsan – Cheap stocks, value in action, and value fails – you’ll find it all.  Saj Karsan runs a value-oriented investment fund and is not shy to post his performance for the everyone to see.
  11. Share Sleuth – If you want to read more about good value stocks in the UK, Richard Beddard’s blog is a good place to start.  Make sure to check the two virtual portfolios he runs.
  12. Eurosharelab – Tim publishes a newsletter focusing on European stocks, but he also has a blog with tons of helpful advice.
  13. Aleph Blog – David is a veteran of the insurance industry and a professional money manager.  There are very few as experienced and profound guys as him out there, sharing their advice for free.  Whether you want to be well-off in life, to become a better analyst, or to scan the news more efficiently, Aleph offers sound advice.
  14. Bronte Capital – Moving on with the professional money managers, John Hempton is a favorite short-seller from Australia.  I am yet to short my first stock, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying John’s insightful and funny articles (so funny that they were taken down).
  15. The Reformed Broker – Joshua Brown is another pro player in the investment game.  That you will learn a lot is a given, but you will also be entertained with posts like this one for example.

Those are the one’s from my RSS feed that I picked out this time.  Certainly the list is not comprehensive, but that was not the point anyway.

By the way, RSS is still a great way to follow huge numbers of online publications, despite Google’s lame attempt to kill it. Feedly is the way to go now.  It has one-click migration from Google Reader and it looks, feels, and navigates much better.

Also, all the guys above also have Twitter accounts.  Be sure to follow them even if you have their blogs in your RSS feed already.  You’ll get extra 140-character wisdom.

If you have awesome value investing blogs to share, please do so in an email.  The spam filter will probably not allow comments with too many links in them.